Tuesday, 30 May 2017

50 shades of Grey

Good day to be boat-ship bound.  sailed all night and will continue all day today.  We arrive Cologne at 4pm.
It was quite lovely last night.. We had the cabin open and slipped off to sleep with the world sliding by.

Mr Tomy Temerson

Just lovely...

More from Rudesheim

We have been travelling through locks all night. Some of them have very little clearance.   We saw Frankfurt by night.
We were treated to a concert ore dinner.  Very talented young musicians,  2 violins and guitar.. Amazing.
This morning we are at this very moment listening to a morning performance of a world renowned Zither player...nice way to kick off the day after a late breakfast.


Arrived at Rudesheim.   So very pretty.  We found the clock shop my sister in law, Frances, had recommended. We now have a gorgeous new hand crafted cuckoo clock on its own journey to Mount Eliza.  Another one for the collection.
Paul's choice as it's his birthday present.
It was a,stunning village, lots of cafes and sweet sweet buildings.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Cologne in Cologne

We had a most excellent day yesterday... Just relaxing until we berthed at Cologne late afternoon.   We did the guided city walk and ended up at the magnificent cathedral. Very majestic.
Cologne was totally delightful.   Once our tour guild abandoned us at the cathedral,  we had to find our own way back through the streets. It was so very hot and quite humid, moisture coming straight off the Rhine.  We naturally had yo rehydrate... The boys soon found a nice establishment offering a refreshing beverage.. or two.  I love the custom here in Germany.   The waitress brought the boys a very small glass of beer...and kept bringing fresh ones as they emptied the glass until they put their coaster on the glass...all very civilised. 
I found the designer shops...nice. Nestled amongst them was a teeny little shop...the 4711 boutique.   Oh my...not quite the 'nanna' scent at all.  They had a lovely range I'd never seen before.  Some floral but also the most lovely citrus range.  I ended up buying the 'Neuvo' it's a delightful citrus based Eau de Cologne. Very light and fresh...perfect for summer.